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About Seasoning Queen


Our passion is to inspire cooks around the globe to open up their experience in the kitchen using flavors that will transform their once boring meal to bursting flavors and aromas using Seasoning Queen™ All-Purpose Seasonings. We are committed to offering our customers with the most authentic, natural spices and seasonings with no preservative, extra additives or MSG.


Our award winning blends have been featured on the Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food” and is a top-secret ingredient in chain restaurants and various national barbeque competitions throughout the United States.


Cooking is not easy for everyone and Seasoning Queen understands that sometimes mixing ingredients can be complicated and that is why we did the work for you. We have formulated a line of amazing one of kind all-purpose blends to assist your cooking through our Seasoning Queen line.  Seasoning Queen has made cooking simple and delicious to all your home cooked meals whether you are making your favorite baked chicken, pot roast or even preparing your favorite meat on the grill   Seasoning Queen™ all- purpose seasonings brings out the bold rich flavors you are looking for.


Southern Cooking an American Classic


Seasoning Queen Original Blend is about All American Southern Cooking.  We mixed traditional and cutting edge flavors to create a one of a kind experience to your meal. Our low sodium all-purpose blend brings that extra mouth watering experience to traditional comfort southern cuisines.  Incorporate Seasoning Queen Original Blend to your favorite crispy fried chicken, fried fish, baked chicken, baked fish, barbeque ribs, steaks, pork chops, seafood, collard greens, casseroles, vegetables, grilling and all your favorite fixins’.


Healthy Ingredients for Healthy Cooking


What sets us apart is that we passionately produced our seasonings for each eating experience and value our consumers who are health conscious (High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Dieting, Exercise and more) creating Healthy Ingredients for Healthy Cooking introducing  Seasoning Queen Salt Free Blend


Seasoning Queen Salt Free Blend fulfills guidelines for low sodium diets, as well as the ketogenic diet, low carbohydrate diet, paleolithic diet, Mediterranean diet and other healthy eating alternatives. Our innovative sodium free blend gives your dish delicious flavors without the extra sodium while improving your overall health.


Seasoning Queen Salt Free Blend is 100% concentrated blend of all natural kosher herbs & spices. Try it on your favorite meats and vegetables to bring out the enriched flavors to your favorite dish!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


We pride ourselves in giving you an all natural, premium kosher blend with our Seasoning Queen products. We source our fine ingredients from the best suppliers worldwide and deliver consistency every time. We manufacture 100% domestically in the USA and ship our products coast to coast. Our products can be found in retail stores, food service operations and home kitchens in all 50 states and countries around the world.


Our consumers are our number one priority and our goal is to give our customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Seasoning Queen is committed to our core values of integrity, fairness, honesty and accountability. We hold our company with high standards and we have developed a culture where we are committed to dependability, reliability and building long term relationships. We conduct ourselves ethically and according to our food safety guidelines. . Seasoning Queen is a third party food safety facility. Our company is GMP certified, our products are stored in a climate controlled facility, and all ingredients are non-allergenic and metal detected. Please contact us for additional information regarding our stocking program.


Seasoning Queen All-Purpose Seasonings is amazing on steamed vegetables, grilled vegetables, casseroles, soups, BBQ, finger foods, soul food, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, seafood or any meal that comes to mind. A dash here and there with Seasoning Queen™ products brings a meal to together and better yet your family together.



Cooking, BBQ, Snacks, Healthy Meal Preps build your experience with Seasoning Queen™ All-Purpose Seasonings.